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Time to Stand Up against Jew Hatred.

Friday June 23, in front of our own City Hall, there will be a group of people advocating the destruction of Israel, the killing of Jews and the taking of Jerusalem by force.  The third Friday of Ramadan has been declared a day of unhinged lunacy, where third world Islamic dictators and their proxies spout vile rhetoric.  ‘Death to Israel’ and ‘Death to America’…  It’s horrific and we don’t want it here.

They’ll tell you they ‘oppose oppression’ but what they’re really doing is following clear instructions from Iran – formed by a crazed, long dead Ayatollah.  “Israel Is A Hideous Entity Which Will Be Annihilated.”

Really?  Israel is a sovereign nation and a close ally of Canada.  We don’t have to tolerate this in our city.  Show Up at 5 pm on June 23 in front of Calgary City Hall and show your support for Israel.   Spend an hour with us.  Get out there and help keep our City safe from the savage behavior we see in Europe and other countries who’ve allowed this incitement to fester and grow.


Jerusalem Terror Attack – Memorial Calgary City Hall – January 9 at 4 pm.

Jewish Defence League Alberta will hold a Memorial for the Israeli Defence Forces soldiers killed and injured yesterday in a terror attack in Jerusalem.

Monday, January 9 at 4 pm in front of Calgary city hall.  Dress warmly, it will be -20 degrees.  Bring Israeli flags, posters and candles if you wish.

Please arrive early, the vigil will last less than an hour.


May their memory be a blessing.

CDN Holocaust Survivor’s Story

Max Eisen was one of three Canadians who testified last year at a trial for former Auschwitz SS sergeant Oskar Groening and at the trial of Reinhold Henning, a former Auschwitz guard.

Now 87, Max recently accompanied a Canadian group of citizens on the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal ‘Compassion To Action’ trip to Germany, Poland and Israel.

His book is a gripping account of what happened to him and his family before, during and after WWII.



On University and College Campus’ across North America there has been a resurgence of anti-Semitism. Many student groups on campus support or associate with organizations calling for the destruction of Israel and we’ve seen administrators turn a blind eye to the intimidation of Jewish students and a poisoning of the learning environment.

JDLAlberta is pleased to join a Coalition of Pro-Israel Groups who want to confront this head on, by empowering and supporting College and High School Students, by bringing attention to the rise of antisemitic incidents on Campus’ that allow the demonization of Jewish people.  Our first group initiative is a lecture by Ryan Mervin Bellerose on ‘Defending Israel – the Right Way’, to students in Calgary on Thursday, September 29, 2016.

Ryan was recently hired as the B’nai Brith Advocacy Coordinator for Western Canada.  He will provide practical advice and discuss psychology and tactics for dealing with Student Intimidation and Advocating for Israel.  Ryan has been very active in Pro-Israel advocacy for a number of years and has helped several student groups on various campus’ with campaigns against BDS and other anti-Israel initiatives.

The event will begin at 6:00 pm in the Party Room at the Blue Fin Sushi Restaurant, 9737 Macleod Trail South… SUSHI IS BEING PAID FOR BY THE ORGANIZERS so bring your appetite!  Ryan will begin speaking at 6:30.

This Coalition of Pro-Israel and Pro-Jewish Groups is our way of standing together and confirming that there are many behaviors that are not acceptable in Canada and that when it comes to anti-Semitism:  This Community Stands United.  In our role as facilitators JDLAlberta will provide organization and security for the venue. You must register to attend, so please RSVP to

Seating is limited, preference will be given to students and parents.  LRT Southland Stn is closest if Students are coming by C-train.  If you have any questions for Ryan please send them to

We would like to thank all the organisations and individuals who have provided support for this event, especially B’nai Brith Canada.


JDL Montreal Members Assaulted in Planned Attack.

JDL National Director Meir Weinstein and Supporters were assaulted on Aug 10 in Montreal.

The Jewish Defence League (JDL) of Canada was the first to speak out… “It is incomprehensible that at a time when Christians are being massacred in the Middle East, that Israel and the Jewish people are being depicted as evil by church organizations,” wrote JDL Executive Director Meir Weinstein in the invitation to the protest.

Right at the beginning of the video, you can hear the chilling words from the Jew Haters, “We’re waiting for Yoooou…”

Members of the Jewish community gathered on Ontario near St Laurent to protest with the JDL. Waiting for them was a large group of pro-Palestinian counter-protesters, many with their faces covered.

As the JDL supporters approached they were attacked by this group of thugs who then RAN AWAY when police arrived on scene. Meir Weinstein was punched in the face, and several women were scratched, shoved and had their hair pulled.  Despite the fact that they were attacked from the onset, JDL supporters stayed for close to three hours. Police presence was strong, with officers on foot, bikes and in their vehicles.

We understand that so far one of the thugs has been charged and Montreal Police are continuing to investigate.

JDL Assaulted in Montreal

Congratulations Meir, Jenna and team JDL Montreal for your courage and perseverance.

On a more positive note, here’s a man in Montreal doing great work. – Check out Corey Fleischer. –

Rally for Israel

What does a rally for Israel look like?

These Pictures illustrate our July 2, 2016 Rally for Israel at Olympic Plaza in Calgary!

IMG_1754  … There are a lot of people.

There are flags… lots of flags!IMG_1776


There’s lots of information that might surprise you.


Mostly there are happy people, singing and dancing, celebrating the very best of both Canada and Israel!  


See you at our next Rally for Israel!


Jewish Defence League Alberta

The Deception of Al-Quds Day.

Iran 1979: A psychotic ayatollah who enthusiastically murdered his own people for wearing the wrong clothes or dancing or being gay (or any of a dozen other offences against Radical Islam) decides that the last Friday of Ramadan is going to be a day to advocate:  1. Taking Jerusalem by force  2. Killing all the Jews and  3. Wiping Israel off the map…

So a group of idiots decide the steps of Calgary City Hall is a great place to hold a rally supporting this lunacy.  Permit?  Our information is they either didn’t bother to or failed to apply for any permit.

They set up a loudspeaker system and powered it with a generator they brought along… in direct violation of city noise bylaws.  Even with a strong police presence to ‘keep the peace’, none of the over 100 bylaw officers which the City of Calgary employs was there to assess an infraction or charge the organizers.


They stood their children in front of the loudspeakers (look at the little girl covering her ears), held up signs comparing the IDF to the murdering thugs of ISIS, then turned up the volume and started spewing hatred against Jews and Israel.  So while citizens of every country in Europe are being slaughtered by Radical Islamists using guns, knives and vehicles, this hatred of Western Civilization and our Judeo-Christian Culture is incubating right in front of the building where our democratically elected leaders sit in office.  The very same thing also happened on the very same day in front of our Alberta Provincial Legislature in Edmonton.

Think about that.  What will it look like next year?   This poisonous practice has to stop.

Talk to your friends.  Share this with your neighbors and community leaders.  We are already so far down the road of appeasing Radical Islam that there is a real danger it will soon be too late.

Join us in confronting this foreign hatred of our Canadian Values.  Don’t wait until it’s your Family who are unsafe while walking around the streets of Calgary.  Write all of your elected representatives, City Councillors, MLA’s and MP’s.  Take a stand against Islamic Radicalism and Jew Hatred.

Support the Jewish Defence League.  We say ‘Never Again’.  We Mean It.  The JDL Will Not Back Down.

Murdered in her bed only for being 13 years old and Jewish.

There is no outrage from any mainstream media or Muslim groups in Canada against those who incite this violence against Jews and their children.   If this doesn’t infuriate you… and move you to get up, go out and help stop this evil against the people of Israel, then you are barely human.

Halel Yaffa Ariel: Murdered In Her Bed For The Crime Of Being 13 And Jewish