Iran 1979: A psychotic ayatollah who enthusiastically murdered his own people for wearing the wrong clothes or dancing or being gay (or any of a dozen other offences against Radical Islam) decides that the last Friday of Ramadan is going to be a day to advocate: 1. Taking Jerusalem by force 2. Killing all the Jews and 3. Wiping Israel off the map…

So a group of idiots decide the steps of Calgary City Hall is a great place to hold a rally supporting this lunacy. Permit? Our information is they either didn’t bother to or failed to apply for any permit.

They set up a loudspeaker system and powered it with a generator they brought along… in direct violation of city noise bylaws. Even with a strong police presence to ‘keep the peace’, none of the over 100 bylaw officers which the City of Calgary employs was there to assess an infraction or charge the organizers.

They stood their children in front of the loudspeakers (look at the little girl covering her ears), held up signs comparing the IDF to the murdering thugs of ISIS, then turned up the volume and started spewing hatred against Jews and Israel. So while citizens of every country in Europe are being slaughtered by Radical Islamists using guns, knives and vehicles, this hatred of Western Civilization and our Judeo-Christian Culture is incubating right in front of the building where our democratically elected leaders sit in office. The very same thing also happened on the very same day in front of our Alberta Provincial Legislature in Edmonton.

Think about that. What will it look like next year? This poisonous practice has to stop.

Talk to your friends. Share this with your neighbors and community leaders. We are already so far down the road of appeasing Radical Islam that there is a real danger it will soon be too late.

Join us in confronting this foreign hatred of our Canadian Values. Don’t wait until it’s your Family who are unsafe while walking around the streets of Calgary. Write all of your elected representatives, City Councillors, MLA’s and MP’s. Take a stand against Islamic Radicalism and Jew Hatred.

Support the Jewish Defence League. We say ‘Never Again’. We Mean It. The JDL Will Not Back Down.

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