Friday June 23, in front of our own City Hall, there will be a group of people advocating the destruction of Israel, the killing of Jews and the taking of Jerusalem by force.  The third Friday of Ramadan has been declared a day of unhinged lunacy, where third world Islamic dictators and their proxies spout vile rhetoric.  ‘Death to Israel’ and ‘Death to America’…  It’s horrific and we don’t want it here.

They’ll tell you they ‘oppose oppression’ but what they’re really doing is following clear instructions from Iran – formed by a crazed, long dead Ayatollah.  “Israel Is A Hideous Entity Which Will Be Annihilated.”

Really?  Israel is a sovereign nation and a close ally of Canada.  We don’t have to tolerate this in our city.  Show Up at 5 pm on June 23 in front of Calgary City Hall and show your support for Israel.   Spend an hour with us.  Get out there and help keep our City safe from the savage behavior we see in Europe and other countries who’ve allowed this incitement to fester and grow.

©JDL Alberta 2017